In handling cases, we already have a call center SAPA 129 as well as through WhatsApp number in 08111 129 129
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Amid the high addition of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, the government decided to hold the commemoration of the 2022 National Children's Day in a limited manner, with strict health protocols in place.

The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection held a series of activities in a hybrid format at Teijsmann Park, Bogor Botanical Gardens, West Java, on July 23, 2022, and was attended by Indonesian children, both offline and online.

The commemoration of the 2022 National Children's Day carries the major theme of "Protected Children, Advanced Indonesia" with the sub-themes raised being "Care for Post-COVID-19 Post-pandemic", "Resilient Children After the COVID-19 Pandemic" and "Resilient Children, Sustainable Indonesia".

The theme aims to motivate all parties during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to fulfill the joint commitment to continually provide direct care in the midst of the community to fulfill children's rights and provide special protection to children after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, Bintang Puspayoga, stated that the 2022 National Children’s Day should become a momentum to strengthen joint commitments in fulfilling children's rights.

The commemoration should become an important momentum to raise concern and participation of all elements in Indonesia to ensure compliance of the children’s rights to live, grow, develop, and participate fairly in accordance with human dignity and protection from violence and discrimination.

Several hopes are pinned on Indonesian children since they will play a strategic role in the 100th anniversary of Indonesia's independence in 2045.

Hence, future leaders of the nation are expected to become a golden generation that is intelligent, healthy, superior, dignified, and joyful based on strong moral values.

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In the midst of the hope of creating a golden generation, Indonesia is also faced with various cases of violence against children that appear on the national news every day.

The public remembers the case of a biological mother, who abused a five-month-old baby to death in Surabaya, East Java. Most recently was a case of bullying against an elementary school boy in Tasikmalaya, West Java, which resulted in his death.

Minister Puspayoga emphasized the importance of taking preventive action in stopping violence against children.

Addressing cases of violence against children is not merely about handling and resolving the cases but must also be followed by analyzing and solving the root cause of the problems.

Hence, her side continues to disseminate information on Law Number 12 of 2022 on the Crime of Sexual Violence to members of the public.

The ministry also coordinates with various ministries and agencies in an effort to reduce the number of cases of violence against children.

The ministry has provided a call center for Friends of Women and Children (SAPA) 129 as a means for the public to report acts of violence against children.

"In handling cases, we already have a call center SAPA 129 as well as through WhatsApp number in 08111 129 129," Puspayoga stated.

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Reveal sexual violence cases

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, welcomes the several disclosures of cases of sexual violence against children today. Hence, it means that people are aware and have the courage to report cases of sexual violence.

"(This is) so that the iceberg phenomenon is now increasingly being exposed, and in my opinion, this is good. Do not think that in the past, there were no cases (of sexual violence), but actually, it used to be kept hidden," Effendy stated.

To achieve the current condition, the government continues to conduct various activities to disseminate information in order to provide an understanding to the public regarding acts of violence and how to handle it, he added.

National Children's Day should be used to raise awareness, invigorate, and amplify the importance of cooperation from all parties to give special attention to children.

To increase efforts in child protection today, several child-friendly programs have been launched, ranging from Child-Friendly Schools, Child-Friendly Health Centers, Child-Friendly Districts/Cities, Child-Friendly Islamic Boarding Schools, and Child-Friendly Madrasas to Women Friendly and Child Care Villages.

However, the effectiveness of these child-friendly program models still needs to be studied further to measure their effectiveness.

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Cross synergy

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Susanto stated that National Children's Day should become a momentum for comprehensive improvement, including ensuring the fulfillment of children's education rights, educating children about violence and how to prevent acts of violence, integrating child protection programs in all sectors of life, and improving the services of child protection institutions to handle child victims properly.

The most important aspect in child protection efforts is the optimization of collaborative work and cross-sectoral synergies.

"The issue of child protection is very cross-sectoral and requires all parties to work together. They must collaborate to enhance the quality of child protection in the future,” Susanto noted.

On the occasion of 2022 National Children's Day, Susanto also advised parents to always love and protect children and develop child-friendly parenting patterns.

He said that children lacking love and affection might experience developmental disturbance in the future.

In addition, parents are urged to monitor their children's use of digital media. This is important because in some cases, digital media has become an entry point for crimes against children.

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