We keep harvesting crops, however, sometimes we cannot find a market to sell the products.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan has called for the digitalization of traditional markets to facilitate online transactions between merchants and customers, allowing for products to be sold at an affordable price.

At an event entitled “Implementation of Digitalization of Payments and Distribution” at Cicalengka Baru Market, Bandung District, West Java Province, on Monday, he said that through the digitalization attempt, customers could shop without leaving their homes.

The attempt is important to promote commodities in a wider market, he explained.

For instance, it would allow cassava or sweet potatoes produced by farmers in West Java province to be purchased by consumers outside the province, or even outside Java Island, he said.

The implementation of trade digitalization can also make the supply chain more efficient, thereby making the prices of products more competitive, he added.

"We keep harvesting crops, however, sometimes we cannot find a market to sell the products. It (the digitalization attempt) will facilitate and shorten the distribution chain," he explained.

Thus, he asked all stakeholders to assist traders and farmers to get used to digital technology.

His ministry is also continuing to encourage the development of digitalization to allow micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to market their products in domestic and foreign markets.

To enable merchants at Cicalengka Baru Market to digitalize their trade, the Trade Ministry is collaborating with a private e-commerce company, PT Tokopedia.

Speaking at the same event, co-founder and vice chairman of Tokopedia, Leontinus Alpha Edison, said that his company is committed to providing spaces to promote products sold by traditional market merchants to increase their online sales.

"The (trade) digitalization through Tokopedia is also expected to help the community to fulfill their demands for basic necessities (through) online (applications). Thus, people (can) have alternative (places) for shopping for basic necessities," he added.

The "Implementation of Digitalization of Payments and Distribution” event was also attended by acting director general of domestic trade at the ministry, Syailendra; director general of customer protection and trade order at the ministry, Veri Anggrijojo; as well as Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

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Translator: Adimas Fahky, Uyu Liman
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