Yesterday, at the Palace, we suggested that vagrancy, loose poultry, and animal abuse be regulated in regional regulations
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Law and Human Rights Ministry affirmed that some criminal offences considered minor would not be included in the Criminal Code Bill, as the authority to regulate those aspects will be redirected to regional authorities.

Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej stated that vagrancy, which was currently included in the criminal code bill draft, is among some minor offences that will be regulated by the regional regulation instead of the criminal code.

"Yesterday, at the Palace, we suggested that vagrancy, loose poultry, and animal abuse be regulated in regional regulations," Hiariej stated here, Wednesday.

Article 429 of the Criminal Code Bill regulated that every person, who vagrants on the road or in public places and disrupts public order, will be punished by, at most, imposing a category one fine.

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Meanwhile, article 277 of the bill stated that the maximum category two fine would be levied against people, who let loose their poultry to roam a land that has been seeded or planted by another person and causing losses to the person.

Moreover, article 339 of the Criminal Code Bill stated that any person, who hurts or injures an animal or harms its health excessively without appropriate justification, would be punished by, at most, a one-year prison sentence or category two fine.

He said that the criminal code must not regulate overly trivial aspects yet neglect more essential aspects.

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The government's decision to hand over the regulation on vagrancy, loose poultry, and animal abuse to regional authorities is in response to public criticism on some aspects of the bill that they perceived as excessive, Hiariej stated.

The deputy minister said that the ministry will continue to deliberate the bill draft, as the latest study revealed that an aspect considered to be important had been left out from the draft.

The government also expects inputs from residents on the criminal code bill, which can be in the form of criticism, recommendations, or suggestions, he added.

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