Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo told his staff that he would no longer reprimand members reportedly committing violations that tarnished the public's trust but immediately process and deal with them firmly through dismissal.

"If there is a report, I do not need to warn anymore. I will process it immediately, and I will immediately remove (them from their positions). This applies to all, whether it is male or female police," Prabowo noted in a video he shared on his official Instagram account @listyosigitprabowo, as seen here on Monday.

Prabowo said he took this firm action to protect the 430 thousand members of the National Police Force and 30 thousand civil servants, who had worked well to establish the police force's credibility, thereby leading to a gradual increase in public trust in them.

"I have to (weed them out), I have to take action, against colleagues who commit violations, and I keep repeating this because I love the 430 thousand police officers, who have worked well, and the 30 thousand civil servants, who have also worked well," he emphasized.

He vowed to apply a zero-tolerance approach against any police officers found involved in ethical violations, such as partaking in gambling, taking drugs, and other similar stuff.

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According to Prabowo, the state needed the National Police Force to restore the country's economy. Its members should be actively taking action against crimes in order to maintain national economic stability.

"Hence, if there are still those found to have violated (the norms, like) gambling, (or doing morally bad deeds, all the while, then) the state is (reeling from the problem of) crimes (against the state's well-being), (so) please eradicate it all," he stated.

He repeatedly warned his staff to avoid committing violations, especially those that tarnished civilians' trust.

The outlook and behavior of the National Police Force's members affect the public's trust in the institution.

"I always warn (others to avoid committing) violations, especially those that damaged the public's (trust). Violations that members commit will further reduce public trust in the Police," he remarked.

He also advised all members of the National Police to remind each other, from subordinates to superiors and vice versa, while drawing attention to the old adage, "the fish rots from the head."

"Rotting in fish, of course, begins from the head. Let us remind each other -- superiors remind subordinates and subordinates to superiors. Say that 'Commander, this seems to be wrong,' and that is completely fine," he remarked.

Prabowo said there was nothing that prohibited subordinates from reminding their superiors, and it included refusal of the superiors' orders that went against the law and norms.

"Do not make it a habit, of when you all (get involved) in something that seems off, and suddenly you do not have the guts to express your opinion. (It is) because this is for the good of the institution," he concluded.

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Translator: Laily Rahmawaty, Mecca Yumna
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