Jakarta (ANTARA) - The transformation of the health system is focused on preventing the severity of diseases that many people suffer from, such as coronary heart disease, the Indonesian Health Ministry has emphasized.

"Efforts to prevent this disease aim to prevent the disease from progressing to further severity or disability," Director of Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Health Eva Susanti said at an online talk show, which was followed from Jakarta on Tuesday.

Preventing disease is better than treating it.Through prevention, the cost of treatment for patients can become affordable compared to treating patients with the help of medicine and therapy, she said.

The transformation in the healthcare system will allow any disease to be detected early. Thus, diseases, such as coronary heart disease, could be controlled or interventions made before they occur, she explained.

Susanti said that the Ministry of Health, through the transformation of the health system, is targeting to control 90 percent of hypertension severity by 2024 since the disease is one of the main causes of heart disease.

While carrying out the transformation, the ministry will also try and ensure health insurance for all citizens, which will be followed up with socialization and increasing knowledge related to heart disease in the community, she informed.

"We are trying to ensure that everyone has health insurance. It also includes the transformation of the health system for services and costs. We also expect people who are affected by diseases, especially coronary heart disease, to also carry out the 'Patuh' program," Susanti said.

So far, community health centers (puskesmas) have carried out socialization, or ‘Patuh,’ with 'P' standing for regular health checks, 'A' for overcoming disease through proper treatment, 'T' for maintaining physical activities safely, 'U' for striving for a healthy and balanced diet and nutrition, and 'H' to avoiding cigarette, alcoholic beverages, and other carcinogenic substances.

Susanti said the ministry cannot work alone to achieve the target. Strengthening the program requires support from all parties to help it run sustainably with satisfying results.

"The evaluation of the program must also be carried out together. Each ministry/agency is also working according to their respective duties and responsibilities," she added.

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Translator: Hreeloita Dharma S, Resinta S
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