Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned postal company PT Pos Indonesia is encouraging its "O-Rangers" working as couriers as well as marketing and sales agents to use electric motorcycles to push and accelerate the transition to low-emission transportation.

"New O-Rangers are, of course, encouraged to use electric motorcycles. Those who have worked for five years are advised to replace (their fuel motorcycles with electric motorcycles) but with an easy and affordable way for them," Director of Courier and Logistics Businesses of Pos Indonesia Siti Choiriana noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

According to Choiriana, the use of electric vehicles can make the transport costs cheaper, as electric vehicles are not affected by the increase in fuel prices.

"We have focused on migrating to electric motorcycles. Several O-Rangers have used electric motorcycles," she remarked.

Choiriana explained that Pos Indonesia encourages new O-Ranger workers to use electric vehicles with a rent-buy scheme.

She further said that the company provides electric motorcycles, and the workers then pay for the motorcycle in installments.

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"The installment is adjusted in their income. If they get Rp6 million (income) a month, they can set aside Rp300 thousand or Rp500 thousand for electric motorcycle installments," she remarked.

She assumed that if an O-Ranger spends Rp30 thousand per day to buy fuel oil, then the total amount of money spent can reach Rp900 thousand in a month.

Thus, if they allocate almost Rp1 million per month for the motorcycle installment, which is equivalent to the cost of buying fuel for a month, then the vehicle will be fully paid off in two years.

Currently, Pos Indonesia has over 300 electric motorcycles and more than 10 electric cars. Electric vehicles have been used for courier and logistics services in several regions, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bali.

In addition to using electric vehicles, Pos Indonesia has started to utilize clean energy sourced from solar radiation. So far, there are only two pilot projects for the use of solar energy by Pos Indonesia: the service office in Bali and the logistics warehouse in Tambun, Bekasi, West Java.

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