Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has proposed the establishment of a community-based disaster risk mitigation platform to support disaster literacy and education and track developments in communities in different areas.

"The idea is important for us. In yesterday's plenary, I proposed the concept of digitalization for digital transformation for community resilience," BNPB Secretary General Lilik Kurniawan said at the “XV National Conference on Community-Based Disaster Risk Mitigation,” which was followed online from Jakarta on Tuesday.

The platform will be derived from InaRISK, which was officially launched by BNPB on November 10, 2016, he informed.

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InaRISK is a risk assessment portal that uses an ArcGIS server as a data service and provides information on the coverage of disaster threat areas, affected populations, potential physical losses, potential economic losses, and potential environmental damage. It has been integrated with disaster risk reduction activities as a monitoring tool for disaster risk index reduction.

Through one disaster platform, all parties can monitor the situation in Papua, Aceh, North Sulawesi, or in other places, including in Java, and all over Indonesia, he added.

For community-based disaster risk mitigation, the central government and local governments must provide facilities and infrastructure to support the steps taken by the community, Kurniawan said.

Community-based disaster risk mitigation is an approach that encourages grassroots communities to mitigate disaster risk at the local level. Movements carried out directly by the community can reduce dependence on other parties, he explained.

"That is actually my goal regarding resilience. Resilience must come from the community and they are the ones who will make a movement, starting from planning and implementation, that involves all parties. We are no longer talking about Penta helix, but must start the multi helix approach," he said.

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Translator: Sugiharto Purnama, Resinta S
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