Jakarta (ANTARA) - Film is an appropriate learning medium to talk about and discuss cultural differences and tolerance, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry's cultural officer, Pandu Pradana, stated.

"The Muslim communities have become more misunderstood. These differences and misconceptions are cultural gaps that can be bridged through introducing the struggles, hopes, and the beauty of diverse Muslim communities around the world, one of which is through film festivals," Pradana remarked here on Wednesday.

According to the officer, the discourse of diversity and tolerance aligns with the several issues related to Muslim communities in various parts of the world, both in countries where Muslims are the majority and minority.

"Meanwhile, there is a clear but forgotten fact that Muslim societies around the world have diverse cultural practices. Unfortunately, these societies are isolated from each other due to a number of factors, such as geography, politics, and economy," he elaborated.

Hence, he stated that movies are frames of social reality to understand what is occurring in the world.

"Film festivals are an educational platform where people can see the colorful Islamic world," he added.

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Meanwhile, the ministry has put special emphasis on the issue of intolerance.

He explained that Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim had given special attention to the world of Indonesian education that faces major challenges, such as bullying, sexual violence, and intolerance.

"Not only does it hinder the realization of a good learning environment but these things also cause lasting trauma for children," he stated.

According to Pradana, social issues in the education environment are still relevant and need to be voiced louder through several mediums, including cinema.

"One of the issues is intolerance that still occurs in schools. A school is a place where the identity and wealth of the nation are built," he emphasized.

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Translator: Arnidhya Z, Kenzu
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