The Tangerang Initiative also covers the handling of densely populated, slum, and poor areas
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Tangerang Head Ahmed Zaki Iskandar expects the Tangerang Initiative to guide Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) Network of Local Governments (PNLG) members to develop coastal and marine areas.

The document born from the PNLG forum, with Tangerang District as the host, is a commitment that will be implemented by the coastal regional governments as members of PEMSEA, according to a release posted by PNLG on its official website.

"Points of the Tangerang Initiative have been agreed upon, and hopefully, this would become a standard for all PNLG members, who attend in person or online," Iskandar stated during a press conference at the Ketapang Urban Aquaculture, Mauk, Tangerang District, Friday.

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The Tangerang Initiative is the outlook of the local government network of PEMSEA members in empowering communities, protecting the environment, cleaning the sea, ecosystems, and infrastructure in coastal areas.

"The Tangerang Initiative also covers the handling of densely populated, slum, and poor areas," he remarked.

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Delegations from the PEMSEA regional government network meeting visited the Ketapang Urban Aquaculture in Mauk Sub-district, Tangerang District.

The new marine ecotourism area is considered to be an example of the success of the Tangerang district head in managing the potential of coastal and marine resources. This success is one of the reasons behind Tangerang District being appointed as the host of the PNLG periodic meeting.

The visit to Ketapang Urban Aquaculture on Friday (Oct 28) was the last agenda of the 2022 PNLG Forum that was held on October 25-29, 2022. The periodic meeting for PEMSEA members was thereafter closed by District Head Iskandar.

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