We have moved beyond religious, ethnic groups and racial differences
Jakarta (ANTARA) - People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Speaker Bambang Soesatyo encouraged all national elements to ensure the 2024 General Elections will be safe and peaceful and not divide the nation.

According to Soesatyo, political party coalitions should be able to maintain an amicable political climate during the electoral process and campaigns ahead of the 2024 Elections.

"I fully support President Joko Widodo's statement urging politicians not to fight against each other and ensure healthy competition," Soesatyo stated after attending Perindo Party's 8th anniversary commemoration event here, Monday.

The MPR speaker urged political parties to exercise self-restraint and maintain healthy political rivalry to prevent irreconcilable division and conflicts among masses at the grassroots level due to political differences.

"Praising each other, as President Jokowi said, is the best choice to maintain amicable conditions," he noted.

Political parties indeed must compete to garner public trust and voters, he stated, adding that parties must not employ identity politics by emphasizing religious, ethnic groups, and racial identities that could cause polarization among the people and harm Indonesia's democracy.

"We must not allow identity politics to take ground, as it could cause enmity and threaten national unity. If some groups emphasize religious and racial identities (in political discourses), it is our collective duty to prevent it," Soesatyo emphasized.

As identity politics brings nothing but harm and division among the people and the nation, he encouraged all parties and residents to abandon identity politics.

"We have moved beyond religious, ethnic groups and racial differences. We are now free and independent. What is important right now is how we contribute to our independence," the speaker remarked.

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