Bamboo, as a green alternative, is a renewable material that could be harvested in a shorter period (of time) than wood and requires almost zero maintenance
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Bamboo Forest for G20 exhibition at the G20 Summit showcased Indonesia's leadership in the green economy to reduce carbon emissions, according to Minister of Co-operatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Teten Masduki.

"Bamboo, as a green alternative, is a renewable material that could be harvested in a shorter period (of time) than wood and requires almost zero maintenance," Masduki stated, as per the official statement here, Monday.

The Bamboo Forest for G20 is part of the ministry's Future SMEs Village exhibition at Bali Collection in Nusa Dua, Bali.

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He said that Indonesia's bamboo production is three to four folds more productive than its Chinese or Japanese counterparts, thereby boosting Indonesia's green economic potential in the future.

As a clean energy resource, a hectare of bamboo could prevent erosion, absorb 50 tons of carbon dioxide, and absorb 35 million litres of water, he noted.

Environmental benefits of bamboo and the diverse use of bamboo in the Indonesian society would also encourage research on bamboo use in various sectors, the minister added.

"The movement to expand bamboo villages is the most concrete step to save our Earth. We are optimistic that our campaign (to encourage) bamboo as part of the green economy, apart from empowering the local economy, would also enhance the residents' prosperity," Masduki stated.

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Meanwhile, Bambu Lestari Foundation Executive Director Monica Tanuhandaru said that Bamboo Forest for G20 is a collective space to showcase Indonesia to the world.

The exhibition, established through collaboration among her foundation, the ministry, and several environmental organizations, was completed by mutual works of craftsmen from bamboo villages in a week, she said.

"We could talk about issues on the environment, sustainability, diversity, biodiversity, green mobility, and green investment here. It will be the space for actors and observers to meet and discuss," Tanuhandaru said.

She added that village products showcased at the exhibition are foods, clothing, and bamboo products, such as a bamboo bicycle.

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