(We will also) bring specialist doctors from Siloam Jakarta.
Wamena, Papua (ANTARA) - The acting head of Lanny Jaya District in Papua Province, Petrus Wakerkwa, said here on Sunday that the district needed more specialists and therefore he prepared steps to send nine indigenous Papuan doctors outside the province so they could advance their education and become specialists to improve health services in Papua's remote areas .

The nine indigenous Papuan doctors would further advance their education on several medical specialties using the 2023 regional budget, according to Wakerkwa. The indigenous doctors were selected because they have better access to provide health services to Papuan people in remote areas and they speak the same local languages.

The Lanny Jaya acting head district informed that the nine doctors will study dentistry, pulmonology, hepatology, and ophthalmology. “(The doctors sent to become) obstetrics were dispatched earlier,” he noted.

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He has said that the government will continue to gradually improve the health services in the district, including increasing the quality of services at the Tiom Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Lanny Jaya District.

“(We will also) bring specialist doctors from Siloam Jakarta," he continued.

Although currently Tiom RSUD does not have adequate specialist doctors, the local government ensures that the residents will still receive excellent treatment with the same quality as in other regions, since the government has established referral partnerships with some hospitals throughout Indonesia.

Through these referral hospitals, residents of Lanny Jaya District can receive adequate treatment in renowned hospitals in other regions funded by the local government.

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"The Healthy Lanny Jaya program has partnerships with (some hospitals such as) Wamena; Jayapura; Dian Harapan and Provita in Jayapura City; Siloam Makassar; Siloam Jakarta; and Gatot Subroto Jakarta,” Wakerkwa informed.

He said that the local government has established cooperation with those hospitals since the region has limited medical facilities, health equipment, and specialist doctors.

He has ensured that the collaboration which had been implemented since 2018 will continue until 2024.

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