Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has opened logistics services on the land toll road from Aceh to Mataram to ensure the continuous distribution of goods.

Director of courier and logistics business at Pos Indonesia, Siti Choiriana, said that the company has deployed 50 container trucks to transport goods ranging from agricultural to micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) products on the land toll road.

"For example, from Aceh transporting coffee and MSME products, then arriving in Medan transporting other goods and also unloading coffee, then arriving in Padang bringing new goods and unloading other goods. This large special vehicle moves through many cities and provinces from Aceh to Mataram, then returns back to Aceh," Choiriana informed in Jakarta on Monday.

"The bus has a stop at every bus stop. The public already knows that the bus stop will be stopped at a certain hour. They know about the logistical services via our land toll road," she said.

Through a retail cargo program that uses land toll services, Pos Indonesia is providing a competitive freight fee of Rp1,000 per kilogram.

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Choiriana said she hopes that the competitive price would help MSME businesses grow considering that MSMEs make a significant contribution to the Indonesian economy and account for more than half of the gross domestic product (GDP).

In addition to opening land toll services, Pos Indonesia is also offering various promotions, including sending two kilograms of cargo at the price of one. Under the program, if the cost of sending goods from Jakarta to Surabaya is Rp10 thousand per kilogram, then, if consumers send five kilograms of goods, they will only need to pay Rp30,000 because they will get a discount of Rp20,000.

"We are the only state-owned enterprise engaged in logistics services. We do not want to burden the country, so we provide solutions like that," Choiriana said.

Based on data from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, MSMEs are supporting economic resilience, with their contribution to the GDP reaching 61.07 percent or Rp8,574 trillion in 2021.

The number of MSMEs, which covered several business sectors in 2021, reached 64.19 million.

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