Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - The Surabaya City Government, East Java, offered four packages for foreign tourists that arrived in the city through a cruise ship.

"There are about 27 buses entering Surabaya, and we take the (foreign tourists) to several destinations in Surabaya," Surabaya City's Head of Culture, Youth and Sports and Tourism Office, Wiwiek Widayati, stated on Saturday.

Sailing aboard a cruise ship, a total of 570 foreign tourists arrived at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya City, on Friday (December 9).

According to Widayati, four tour packages that are offered include the Sparkling Package, Heritage of Surabaya Package, Culture of Surabaya Package, Temple of Surabaya, and the Surabaya Your Own that is arranged specifically for shoppers.

Other tourist destinations in the city are the Heroes Monument, Jagat Karana Temple, HOS Tjokroaminoto Museum, Surabaya City Hall, Abuhan House, and Kembang Jepun Street.

"They can enter Surabaya through Tanjung Perak, (thereby indicating that) the port of Surabaya has good infrastructure. Besides that, there are also tourism destinations that we can offer," she noted.

She explained that despite the number of tourist visits being different than that before the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign tourists arriving in the city through a docking cruise ship still appeared enthusiastic.

It is very important to promote economic recovery in Surabaya, or known as the City of Heroes, she remarked.

"We are strengthening tourism destinations, so that they can be more stable in quality. This means that we must strengthen the comfort, cleanliness, hospitality, and human resources," Widayati said.

Moreover, the Surabaya City Government offers even more new tourist destinations, such as the Tunjungan Romansa, Kya-kya, Kalimas Water Boat Tour, and the "Surabaya Kriya Galeri (SKG) Reborn" tour package.

A tourist from Australia, Jennifer, admitted that she was impressed on visiting the Surabaya City Hall.

"I really like watching them dance and move their fingers while moving their bodies. The dance style was unfamiliar to me, who grew up in Australia," she stated.

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