Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) - Conjoined twins Ayesha and Aleeya were successfully separated following an eight-hour operation and a month-long recovery period at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) in Bandung, West Java.

The hospital's Director of Medical, Nursing, and Supporting Services, Dr Zulvayanti, said that the conjoined twins, who are born through a caesarean section on January 10, 2022, are attached from the chest to the stomach.

"Their (post-surgery) development, Praise be to God, is progressively better, and they are also healthy," Zulvayanti stated here, Friday.

The doctor explained that the separation surgery and recovery took place for almost four weeks, and both babies experienced different recovery times, as Ayesha required only a week while her twin Aleeya needed 12 days.

She stated that the separation surgery involved pediatricians, cardiologists, and plastic surgeons, among other doctors.

Zulvayanti remarked that after the twins were allowed to return home to their family in West Bandung District, Hasan Sadikin Hospital will continue to monitor their health to ensure they would grow healthy.

The twin's growth is slightly stunted due to physical deformities that the girls suffered before the surgery, she noted.

The girls, who just recently celebrated their first birthday, could not crawl yet despite a year-old infant being expected to be capable to do so according to their growth standard.

"We will help the twins catch up with the growth standard of a year-old infant," Zulvayanti stated.

Meanwhile, the father of the twin, Eka Lesmana, aged 24, is glad that his two children could recover and live normally as other babies. He also expressed his commitment to adhering to RSHS doctors' advice and instruction to maintain the health of his twins.

"For instance, I must constantly change the (surgery) bandage, as the doctors have told me. I will also visit the hospital next week for (the twins') health examination," Lesmana remarked.

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