Medical equipment for the treatment of stroke and heart patients is scheduled to have been able to be operated by July 2023...
Biak, Papua (ANTARA) - The Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in Biak Numfor district is prepared to become a referral hospital for stroke and heart patients in Papua Province.

"Medical equipment for the treatment of stroke and heart patients is scheduled to have been able to be operated by July 2023 -- before the implementation of the Cenderawasih Bay Sail event in August (2023)," Director of Biak RSUD Ricardo Mayor informed here on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, specialist doctors for stroke and cardiovascular diseases have been prepared and are ready to serve patients, he added.

He said he expects that by developing the hospital as a referral center, local people will not need to seek treatment outside the province.

“Slowly, but surely, this year (2023), Biak RSUD will become a referral for stroke and heart patients," the director of Biak RSUD remarked.

To support the development of the hospital as a stroke and cardiovascular referral center, his party is running an emergency room and an integrated surgery room.

"Thus, when the referred stroke and heart patients come to the Biak RSUD for treatment, they can be treated as soon as possible and the ones who require surgery will have operation facilities prepared," he said.

Regarding the number of patients served by Biak RSUD in 2022, Mayor said that the number showed an increase compared to the 2020–2021 period -- or during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The number of patients treated at Biak RSUD reached about 70 thousand people in 2022," he informed.

Meanwhile, Head of Biak Numfor District Herry Ario Naap said that the government has built a three-story building for Biak RSUD to improve the provision of health services to Papua residents.

"(Adequate) building as well as complete medical equipment and facilities have been provided for implementing the health services at the hospital, thus, now, the residents do not need to be referred to get treatment outside Papua, as they can just be referred to Biak RSUD," he added.

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