Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The provincial government of Lampung has called for the ratification of the domestic workers' protection bill (RUU PPRT) to protect domestic workers from violence.

"So far, there are many domestic workers that have experienced violence, especially in the country, and we have not had a legal umbrella to protect them," Lampung Deputy Governor Chusnunia Chalim noted here on Friday.

She said that given the many cases of violence faced by domestic workers, the government and civil society are continuing to push for the ratification of RUU PPRT.

"We must voice this jointly, especially because Lampung becomes the region that contributes the highest number of migrant workers. It does not make sense if we ask for workers abroad to be protected, but there is no protection at all in the country," she added.

According to Chalim, the region must also play a role in supporting the passage of the bill in order to protect the rights of domestic workers, most of whom are women.

"In terms of the political map, there are many who support RUU PPRT, and we have to participate because most of these domestic workers carry the interests of families. Thus, saving them means saving families, too," she said.

Chairperson of the Lampung Regional Board of Women's and Children's Homes, Enny Puji Lestari, also voiced support for the ratification of RUU PPRT.

"The government, organizations, and civil society continue to make efforts to reduce the impact of violence on domestic workers due to the minimal protection provided to them," she noted.

Lestari further said that the efforts that continue to be made in order to push the ratification of the bill have included advocating, campaigning, carrying out public discussions, and launching a pocketbook on the prevention of violence against children and women.

"To protect our domestic workers, we need a new or alternative strategy that can inspire policymakers. In addition, support from various parties for the ratification of RUU PPRT also needs to be improved," she said.

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