Chinese New Year as momentum to strengthen national solidarity: VP

Chinese New Year as momentum to strengthen national solidarity: VP

Illustration - The 2574 Chinese New Year thematic gold bars with the first three-dimensional design in Indonesia by PT Aneka Tambang. (ANTARA/HO-ANTAM/aa)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chinese New Year of 2574 that will be commemorated on January 22 can become a momentum to strengthen solidarity among people of the Indonesian nation, according to Vice President of Indonesia Ma'ruf Amin.

The vice president noted that the 2023 New Year and 2574 Chinese New Year should be celebrated with gratitude and enthusiasm to always continue to rise despite the tough challenges faced, so that the Indonesian nation can move forward together.

"Hopefully, the spirit of the Chinese New Year celebration will always be a momentum for all Indonesians to strengthen solidarity in order to realize the vision of a more advanced and prosperous Indonesia," the vice president noted in a video statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

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Amin also prayed that God will always strengthen the harmony and brotherhood among Indonesian people and offer them strength and guidance.

On the same occasion, Amin also conveyed his greetings on the occasion of the 2574 Chinese New Year to all Confucian believers and Indonesian citizens, who celebrate it.

"My Confucian brothers and sisters in Indonesia and wherever you are, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year of 2574," Amin stated.

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