Jakarta (ANTARA) - Cellular operator Telkomsel, a subsidiary of state-run telecommunications company Telkom Group, is collaborating with a private company to test out 5G network utilization in Indonesia’s maritime region to support national economic growth.

"Telkomsel consistently continues to strengthen its main capability in providing the latest telecommunication network and service based on the development of the people's demand," Telkomsel's network director, Nugroho, said in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

The 5G service test is being carried out in Gorontalo since the province, which has a coastline spanning 903.7 kilometers, is one of the regions in Indonesia with the largest maritime potential.

The maritime sector is one of the sectors that Gorontalo is relying on to drive its economy, with the livelihoods of 19,013 fishermen in the area depending on sea resources, according to data recorded by the local Marine and Fishery Office in 2019.

Thus, the availability of a communication network infrastructure is one of the important prerequisites to support the growth and acceleration of a digital-based economy in the region.

For the trial, Telkomsel is collaborating with ZTE. The cooperation was announced during the “2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC)” in Barcelona, Spain.

The 5G broadband service test collaboration is expected to open better digital telecommunications access opportunities, Nugroho said.

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It is also expected to expedite the growth of the digital economy in Gorontalo in a more inclusive and sustainable manner, he added.

The company will conduct a 2.3Ghz frequency band-based 5G network test to improve the quality and coverage of the broadband network, which utilizes active antenna technology and can cover an area of up to 60 km.

The collaboration is intended to support the acceleration of national economic growth through the provision of digital connectivity for the development of the fishery and marine tourism sectors.

The test is also being undertaken to meet the demand for communication access potential in maritime regions in Indonesia.

The expansion of 5G coverage in Indonesia’s maritime territory is expected to support more economic activities such as shipping, fisheries, and tourism.

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