Badung, Bali (ANTARA) - The Ngurah Rai Special Class I Immigration Office in Bali arrested two Russian nationals for allegedly violating their residence permits by working as motorcycle riding instructors in Bali.

Immigration personnel arrested the two, identified by their initials as RK and AG, on March 8, 2023, after monitoring their activity as instructors in Gunung Payung area, Badung, Bali.

"Our team monitored their activities for two days, and the team took evidence through photos and videos. After that, the team checked their residence permits and found that they used visa on arrival (VOA)," the head of immigration technology, information, and communication (TIKIM) at the office Sandro Bobby Raymon Limbong informed at a press conference in Badung, Bali, on Friday.

The immigration team then arrested RK and AG and took them to the Immigration Office for questioning.

“Currently, a more in-depth investigation of RK and AG is being carried out by the intelligence and enforcement team," he said.

Foreign nationals entering Bali using VoA are not allowed to work because the residence permit is intended for tourism purposes, Limbong explained.

In order to work in Indonesia, foreigners are required to get a limited-stay work permit, which is valid for six months (180 days), one year, or two years. The residence permit can be extended when the validity period expires, he informed.

According to him, the immigration team began monitoring the two Russian nationals after receiving information from the public, including from the Instagram account @moscow_branch_bali, which uploaded a video of a number of foreigners learning to ride motorcycles in Gunung Payung area, Kutuh, Badung.

Besides reports from the public, Ngurah Rai Immigration also has a cyber patrol team, which also monitors the activities of foreigners in Bali.

So far, Ngurah Rai Immigration is still investigating information received from the two Russian nationals, including on the duration of their work, the number of motorcycles used for practice, and the number of clients they had.

“We are still investigating their motives because they were just arrested yesterday. We want to know the scope of their motives as well," Limbong said.

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