Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Health) has set up health posts at five locations falling on the land and sea routes that will be used by Eid al-Fitr homecoming travelers this year.

The move is aimed at enabling access to services for National Health Insurance (JKN) participants.

"BPJS Health has prepared a team of Integrated Standby Command Post for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (Rafi Post)," BPJS Health President Director Ali Ghufron Mukti informed at a press conference regarding BPJS Health posts for the 2023 Eid homecoming in Jakarta on Thursday.

The five homecoming health posts are located at Pulo Gebang Bus Terminal in Jakarta, Cikampek Toll Road rest area KM 57, Ungaran Toll road rest area KM 429, Purabaya Bus Terminal Sidoarjo, and Soekarno Hatta Port in Makassar.

For the homecoming return flow, BPJS Health will add one post at Banjartama Toll Road KM260 B rest area, Brebes, Central Java, Mukti said.

"We chose the five post locations because of the relatively high number of people, based on our experience in the previous year," he remarked.

Regarding the absence of service posts for passengers using trains and airplanes, Mukti said that getting the required permits is still relatively complicated.

"Based on our evaluation, most requests for the health posts come from the rest areas. We have planned to open it at train stations but the bureaucracy is more difficult," he explained.

Meanwhile, a number of facilities will be made available at BPJS Health's homecoming health posts, ranging from health check services to reflexology machines for homecoming travelers.

Mukti said that the number of health posts for this year's homecoming is relatively the same as the previous year.

"We have not reduced the number, it is the same as the previous year," he stated.

BPJS Health will also ensure that travelers who are participating in JKN can access health services anywhere, Mukti informed.

"Basically, BPJS Health adheres to the principle of portability in administering the JKN Program. All participants can access our services anywhere and anytime, including during the Eid holiday," he stated.

Under the special policy during the Eid holiday, JKN participants will be served easily, quickly, and equally, he assured.

“If, during the Eid holiday, the participants visit an area outside their origins, they can still access health facilities in their current location with BPJS Health," he explained.

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