Jayapura (ANTARA) - The Papuan provincial government is expecting this year's National Awakening Day (Harkitnas) to motivate the younger generation to increase their capacity and capability in contributing to efforts to advance the province.

"The meaning of Harkitnas for Papua province is not much different (from past struggles), which is to realize a better life and development in Papua," head of the Papua Provincial Communication and Information Office, Jery Agus Yudianto, said here on Friday.

According to him, skill expansion can become an added value for Papuan youth in facing the competition as Papua progresses.

Yudianto said that the 115th commemoration of Harkitnas, which falls on May 20, 2023, would be a milestone in the nation's history.

The National Awakening Day marks the beginning of the Indonesian people's struggle and revival by freeing the nation from colonialism while looking at the nation’s past glory.

He said that Papua is still lagging behind other regions in development indicators as its poverty rate is still high.

"In 2022, our Gini ratio is still at 0.31, the inflation rate in Papua is also high, and the open unemployment rate is still at 3.6 percent," he noted.

He said that all underdevelopment issues can be overcome with a spirit of awakening and collective awareness among all Papuan stakeholders, be it the central government, local government, indigenous and religious leaders, as well as women and young people.

"We must be aware that Papua has enormous potential from all sectors, ranging from natural wealth, geopolitical position, and diversity in togetherness. This potential, if maximized based on the spirit of awakening, will result in extraordinary progress," he said.

During the Harkitnas momentum, he said he expected the younger generation to uphold democracy and the spirit of national awakening to help realize an economically independent and prosperous Papua towards a just and advanced Indonesia.

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