Jakarta (ANTARA) - Women Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga has stressed that men and women have the same power and contribution to make in the nation’s development, according to the 1945 State Constitution.

"Women and men are equal partners in development, as mandated in, and in accordance with national dreams outlined in the 1945 state constitution. This is what we need to realize," the minister said at the launch of Women and Children's Channel in RRI Play Go, here on Wednesday.

She drew attention to the underlying issue in access to information, which differ between men and women. Puspayoga noted that the issue must not go unattended for too long, because the constitution clearly states that women have to be actively involved in development.

Moreover, in the current times, digital transformation has prompted massive changes in many aspects, such as socio-economic, and even government; hence, gender inclusion is important to welcome the change, she remarked.

Digital transformation has greatly changed the progress of development, as it allows women opportunity to contribute in the betterment of the economy, Puspayoga noted. Women's roles were the most significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, as at the time, women engage in MSMEs which boost the economy, she remarked.

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Women's contributions to the digital transformation will enhance the progress of the economy; moreover, they can also improve the welfare and the quality of life through tech adoption, she noted.

"Women have the opportunity to earn extra income, have better work prospects, and receive vast knowledge to improve their capacity and competence. Advanced tech motivates women to become empowered, able to contribute in all aspects, particularly in the digital economy," the minister added.

She said she expected that more Indonesian women would tap into the potential of technology in order to improve their personal lives and financial situations.

Puspayoga asked everyone to consider gender equality as a top priority in pursuing a just digital transformation for the people. Such an initiative is necessary, considering women and children are among the groups which are prone to online-based sexual violence, she added.

"This is still our duty to be resolved, regarding the data on very complex, multisectoral women and children issues," Minister Puspayoga noted.

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