Jakarta (ANTARA) - The ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) has expressed its commitment to promote economic growth, regional integration, and private sector-led initiatives within the region to position ASEAN as the center of economic growth in the world.

ASEAN-BAC held a press briefing on Wednesday at the residence of the Ambassador of Indonesia, Gandi Sulistiyanto, to the Republic of Korea in Seoul.

The Chair of ASEAN-BAC Arsjad Rasjid emphasized the council’s pivotal role as the private sector’s voice during Indonesia’ chairmanship of ASEAN, he said in a statement received here on Wednesday.

“ASEAN-BAC is dedicated to driving policy reforms and private-led initiatives that benefit businesses and the economy,” he added.

The council also expressed its commitment to the spirit of ASEAN Centrality: Innovating for Greater Inclusivity. ASEAN-BAC emphasized that centrality is the ultimate goal, with innovation serving as the vehicle and inclusivity as the non-negotiable practice throughout the journey.

ASEAN-BAC has five key priorities and eight legacy projects promoted under Indonesia's chairmanship.

These priorities include trade and investment facilitation, sustainable development, digital transformation, food security, and healthcare resilience.

Meanwhile, the eight legacy projects include the ASEAN QR Code and digital marketplace lending platform to facilitate regional integration.

ASEAN-BAC held a roadshow in South Korea to encourage dialogue and advocacy between businesses and governments to strengthen ASEAN's goals. ASEAN-BAC invited South Korean companies to support premier events, such as the ASEAN Business Investment Summit (ABIS) and ASEAN Business Awards (ABA).

Those events provide a platform for dialogue with ASEAN leaders and showcase private-led achievements during ASEAN-BAC's chairmanship this year.

“The organization is committed to ASEAN centrality, innovation, and inclusivity resonated strongly, setting the stage for fruitful collaborations, investment opportunities, and a brighter future for ASEAN's economic development,” ASEAN-BAC said in a statement.

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Reporter: Shofi Ayudiana
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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