Jakarta (ANTARA) - The national airlines Garuda Indonesia has started to implement a new regulation in connection with the relaxation of health protocol, primarily on mask requirements during travel.

The new regulation refers to the government's policy within the Ministry of Transportation's Circular Letter No. 16 of 2023 on Health Protocol for Air Transportation Travelers during the COVID-19 Endemic Transition Period.

"In accordance with the stipulation from the ministry, healthy passengers are allowed to not wear a mask," President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra said in a statement on Monday (June 12).

Based on the circular letter, if passengers are not in healthy condition or at risk of COVID-19 infection, they are recommended to wear a mask and maintain their distance or avoid crowds to prevent COVID-19 infection.

This policy complements various traveling stipulations for travelers that use air transportation during the COVID-19 endemic transition period.

Through the policy implementation, Garuda Indonesia stated that the cabin crew on duty will also start to implement gradual elimination of mask usage in accordance with the new health protocol.

"We will certainly conduct various health protocol implementation adjustments in this endemic transition period gradually by reviewing the public service adjustment needs amid the service normalization adaptation in the endemic transition period," he remarked.

This adjustment is made under Garuda Indonesia's efforts to provide a safe and comfortable flight experience for all its service users through synergy with various flight stakeholders whether during pre-flight, in flight, or post flight procedures.

Health protocol stipulation adjustment will be done carefully amid the increasing mobility of passengers as is apparent from an increase in the number of passengers that shows a positive outlook, Setiaputra said.

This is done including by consistently monitoring the development of the COVID-19 situation that undeniably has become a new habit among members of the public while traveling, he added.

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