Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Health Insurance (JKN) participants' satisfaction index has increased in keeping with the improvement in the quality of services at health facilities, managing director of state health insurer BPJS Health, Ali Ghufron Mukti, informed.

"Participant satisfaction has continued to increase, both in terms of participant satisfaction in 2021 with 87.63 percent and increased to 89.62 percent in 2022," he informed at the "Public Expose Agenda for BPJS Health Program Management and Finance for the 2022 Fiscal Year" in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The reported business entity satisfaction index also increased from 86.56 percent in 2021 to 96 percent in 2022, he added.

Mukti said that the increase in the participant satisfaction index cannot be separated from the agreement on health facility services between BPJS Health and service provider business entities.

The agreement includes making the National Identity Number or KTP a requirement to access health services, he informed.

"Not all countries only require identity cards to access health facilities, except in hospitals owned by their government," he said.

In Indonesia, almost all hospitals require patients' identity cards to allow them access to health services, including 64 percent of private hospitals throughout Indonesia that have collaborated with BPJS Health, he informed.

In addition to KTP as a requirement for accessing treatment, BPJS Health has removed the provision to include a copy of the medical file, considering it to be too complicated.

"However, there are hospitals still asking for a copy because they still use the old policy," Mukti explained.

According to him, BPJS Health is also implementing services without additional fee payment for those that are in accordance with participants' rights as long as they follow the procedures.

Moreover, Mukti assured that there are no restrictions on the number of hospitalization days for participants.

"Some people say patients covered by BPJS Health can only stay for a maximum of three days at the hospital. That accusation is not true," he emphasized.

He informed that BPJS Health participants have the right to be treated until their illness is under control or cured, only then can they be sent home.

BPJS Health is also seeking to ensure the availability of drugs at health facilities and not burden participants with looking for drugs independently, if there is a shortfall.

Mukti informed that his party is covering patients' treatment through the provision of packages known as INA-CBGs, which include medicines and doctor's services.

His party is also aiming to eliminate cases of discrimination against participants at health facilities, which, so far, have involved administrators.

"For now maybe there is still one or two cases, but it has decreased a lot," he added.

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