Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Migrant Workers' Protection Agency (BP2MI) said it is optimistic that the Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) One Data Portal and the Independent Information Platform would strengthen PMI protection.

"The PMI One Data Portal and Independent Information Platform launched today will strengthen governance and the protection of Indonesian migrant workers," BP2MI head Benny Ramdhani said here on Monday.

With the new digital system, BP2MI is ready to face the increasingly complex challenges in protecting 4.7 million PMIs in various placement countries, he affirmed.

"Indonesia has entered the era of single big data amid the digitalization transformation. The hope, as often conveyed by President Joko Widodo, is to protect Indonesian migrant workers from head to toe," he said.

He informed that the PMI One Data Portal, which has been integrated with the Indonesia One Data Portal, is based on Presidential Regulation No.95 of 2018 concerning electronic-based government system and Presidential Regulation No.39 of 2019 concerning One Data Indonesia.

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Ramdhani said that the presidential regulations were followed up by the issuance of BP2MI Regulation No.3 of 2023 concerning One PMI Data and BP2MI Head Decree No.245 of 2023 concerning electronic-based government system within BP2MI.

The integrated data includes data on PMI placement, recruitment licenses, and complaints, he added.

According to him, the PMI One Data Portal and Independent Information Platform are manifestations of BP2MI's nine priority programs, specifically the integrated modernization of the data collection system.

"The integration of PMI One Data Portal with the Indonesia One Data Portal shows BP2MI's commitment to realizing open and transparent PMI protection data," he said.

To support the One Data Portal, coordination across ministries and agencies is needed, he added. This is to support the implementation of centralized data collection that can improve public services, budget efficiency, and on-target government programs.

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