Jakarta (ANTARA) - Speaker of the Regional Representative Council (DPD), La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, stated that his side offered a state proposal with an academic text that includes five main points to improve and strengthen the state system.

"First, restore the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) as the highest state institution and as an adequate democratic system," Mattalitti stated at the 2023 MPR Annual Session and the 2023 Joint Session of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) and DPD RI in Jakarta, Wednesday.

He underscored the need for the MPR to be restored as a high state institution that accommodates all elements of the nation and becomes the embodiment of the people as well as the owner and executor of sovereignty.

Under the second point, he suggested opportunities for members of the House to come from individual or non-partisan election participants, apart from members of political parties.

"This is part of the efforts to ensure that the process of regulating laws carried out by the DPR and the president is not dominated by representatives of political parties but also fully discussed by representatives of non-party society," he explained.

The third is to ensure that regional envoys and group envoys are chosen from the people and not appointed by the president as had taken place during the New Order era, he stated.

"With the composition of regional envoys referring to the region's history based on old countries and ten old nations in Indonesia, namely kings and sultans of Indonesia, as well as the tribes and indigenous people of Indonesia," Mattalitti stated.

Meanwhile, group envoys can be fulfilled by social organizations and professional organizations with their backgrounds and contributions to the advancement of economic, social, cultural, defense, security, and religion for Indonesia, he remarked.

"Fourth, to give authority to regional envoys and group envoys to provide opinions on the materials for draft laws formed by the DPR and the president, as part of full public involvement," he noted.

Meanwhile, the fifth point is to properly implement the duties, roles, and functions of state institutions that have been formed in the reform era, as part of the need for a system and structure of the state administration, he remarked.

"Thus, we, as a nation, have returned to Pancasila as a whole. At the same time, we, as a nation, will be united by a common determination in the spirit of divinity, humanity, unity, deliberation, and social justice," Mattalitti affirmed.

Moreover, he stated that essentially, the progress or decline of a country is determined by the design of its political, economic, and legal institutions. The country can run and achieve prosperity if it is managed properly.

"It can lead to political stability and price stability," he concluded.

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