Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Agency (BP2MI) encourages job seekers to seize the significant opportunity to work abroad, according to the agency's head, Benny Rhamdani.

In a statement on Sunday, he said that there are numerous job offers in other countries for those who wish to work in hospitality, manufacturing, nursing, fisheries, agriculture, and other sectors.

"There are abundant job opportunities abroad and we can collaborate with other countries through government-to-government (G-to-G) programs," he said during a socialization event in Bandung District, West Java.

He informed that Indonesia had collaborated with South Korea for opportunities to work in the manufacturing, nursing, and fisheries sectors.

"They are also in need of welders to work in large industrial factories like Samsung," he continued.

Additionally, Rhamdani mentioned that Taiwan is also opening up opportunities to work in the agricultural sector.

Therefore, prospective migrant workers, especially young people in villages, must seize this opportunity, he said.

"The potential is very significant. We have to take it and make the most of it," he emphasized.

He expressed hope that the socialization event can bring knowledge and information to the community regarding job opportunities in other countries.

"You just have to choose what you want to do. The government will provide the language course and the training," he stated.

During the event, he also reminded job seekers who wish to work abroad to go through official procedures in an effort to avoid human trafficking practices.

He asked them not to join syndicates that offer quick placements and promise high salaries.

"In the end, those who join these practices will be exploited for the benefits of syndicates. Therefore, we have to combat the illegal practices," he remarked.

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Translator: Zubi Mahrofi, Resinta Sulistiyandari
Editor: Anton Santoso
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