Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairperson of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar, has urged Indonesian Muslims to get involved in efforts to promote peace in the Middle East, especially in view of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

"I convey this statement as a form of deep concern due to the war between Hamas and Israel, which has hurt global humanitarian feelings and caused moral and material losses to both parties," he said in a press release received here on Tuesday.

The involvement of Indonesian Muslims in efforts to promote peace in the Middle East will also need to be followed up with social work such as rebuilding physical and mentality development, as well as rescuing war victims simultaneously, he added.

Muhaimin also asked Hamas and Israel to immediately reach a consensus to stop the war and end the ongoing crisis.

"I specifically call on both parties to release all civil society hostages consisting of children, women, the elderly, and babies," he said.

Muhaimin also condemned those who are rejecting and ignoring calls for peace as a collective way out of the war, especially the immediate release of civilian hostages or detainees. This, he said, is contrary to the values adhered to by Muslims.

In addition, he condemned the brutal acts of war and atrocities against innocent civilians.

"The Middle East Committee, which I formed some time ago, will immediately work for this Global Social and Humanitarian Development Program," the vice president candidate from PKB, Muhaimin, said.

The program will begin with the sending of medical supplies and encouraging the Indonesian Hospital and other hospitals in Gaza to continue operating by inviting various parties to save human lives, he added.

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