We are optimistic about achieving the target of recruiting one million PPPK teachers by 2024, considering that we have seen significant progress
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas met with Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim to discuss efforts to achieve the target of recruiting one million teachers as contract-based government employees (PPPK).

"Today, I met with Minister Makarim to talk about the details on that matter. We are optimistic about achieving the target of recruiting one million PPPK teachers by 2024, considering that we have seen significant progress," Anas said in a statement released in Jakarta on Monday.

He informed that the resolve to induct one million teachers as PPPK is a manifestation of the government's commitment to enhancing the quality of Indonesian human resources. Education is key to achieving that end, he added.

The government, he said, has been striving to hire honorary teachers who have been serving the country as PPPK.

"Teachers play a vital role in producing superior human resources required for realizing the vision of Golden Indonesia in 2045, during which Indonesia is expected to emerge as the world's fourth-largest economy," he noted.

To bolster the quality of Indonesian human resources, in addition to recruiting one million PPPK teachers, the government has been making the utmost efforts to improve the quality of educational infrastructure and ensure Indonesian children get adequate nutrition, he said.

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"We will continue scouting teachers and ensuring that no one is left behind, so we will succeed in meeting the need for one million PPPK teachers," he added.

According to Anas, besides discussing the realization of the target, he and Makarim discussed measures for "detailing" the career patterns of teachers and ensuring a sufficient supply of teachers to disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost (3T) areas.

"At the meeting, we also discussed teachers' careers as well as the availability of teachers in 3T areas. We are planning to issue a government regulation to provide incentives for supporting teachers in their careers," he said.

Meanwhile, Makarim informed that the collaboration between his and Anas' ministries will serve as an effort to accelerate the realization of inducting one million PPPK teachers.

"The government has committed to accelerating it. We believe that we will succeed in reaching the target, as Minister Anas has extended his full support," he said.

The government has been recruiting PPPK teachers in recent years. During the 2021–2022 period, the government inducted as many as 544 thousand honorary teachers as PPPK.

The total number is expected to increase to approximately 840 thousand in 2023, with the government aiming to reach, or even surpass, the target of inducting one million teachers as PPPK by next year.

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