Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Ministry (Kemenko Marves), on November 22, held a meeting for the official development assistance (ODA) project on human capacity enhancement through establishment of the integrated ocean fisheries technology training center.

Based on a press release from the Korea-Indonesia Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center (MTCRC) received here on Thursday, the meeting was attended by a total of 35 participants from several agencies and universities, such as CMMAI, BPPSDM-KP, BRIN, MoFA, Bappenas, ITB, IPB, UNHAS, UNDIP, and UNUD.

This ODA project follows the successful Cirebon ODA project concluded in August 2023. The project, scheduled from 2023 to 2028, aims to increase human resource capacity in marine and fisheries technology through the establishment of an integrated training center and Master Doctoral expert development program.

At the meeting, active discussions were held on the project outline and its implementation.

Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Resources Firman Hidayat briefly shed light on the two main objectives of this project: building a well-functioning integrated training center and developing programs to enhance skills in marine and fisheries.

Thereafter, Rudi Alek, as representative of the Marine and Fisheries Human Resources Counseling and Development Agency (BPPSDM KP), was also present and gave a speech at the opening of the event.

"We warmly welcome this partnership, aligning with our organization's transformation. I am pleased to announce that the Ocean Fisheries Technology Training Center in Ancol-Jakarta will soon be opening," he noted in his speech.

Meanwhile, PARK Hansan, as the ODA project manager as well as director of Korea-Indonesia MTCRC, presented project details during the meeting.

He conveyed information related to the project’s background, emphasizing its focus on developing human resources in the marine and fisheries field, project overviews, progress, as well as project plans and timelines.

In the meantime, representatives from several institutions and universities involved in the project were also present, enriching the discussion in this meeting with deliberation on the outline and implementation of the project onward as well as input and suggestions on future activities.

During the course of the six-year period of this project, it is expected to provide a beneficial impact in order to support Indonesia's marine and fishery human resource capability.

This aligns with the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision, which emphasizes the country’s role as a global maritime fulcrum and underscores the importance of strengthening human resource capacity.

This project is a commitment to nurturing expertise, fostering innovation, and propelling Indonesia towards a brighter future in marine and fisheries

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