Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has urged Indonesians to unite and boost self-reliance by maintaining a sound level of integrity, good work ethics, and the principle of cooperation through the Mental Revolution Movement.

Amin made the statement while delivering a speech at the Mental Revolution Award 2023 event at the Vice Presidential Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

"Integrity, work ethics, and cooperation constitute the three essential values that need to be consistently preserved in our everyday lives at the individual, family, societal, national, and state levels," he said at the event, which was followed online.

He urged all Indonesians to turn the three noble values, encompassed by the national ideology Pancasila, into reality by building a resilient mentality.

"By doing so, we can lead the Indonesian nation to stand strong, become independent, and emerge as an advanced, sovereign, and dignified nation," he added.

In his speech, VP Amin also invited all elements of society to reject any emerging beliefs or ideologies that could pose a threat to the country's unity and integrity and erode the nation's noble character, ethics, and morals.

He also pushed all parties to work hand in hand to resolve national issues and create innovations to help the nation strive forward.

"We need to continue to boost the preparedness and capacity of our human resources in the hopes of enabling our country to navigate changes and prevail in global competitions," he stated.

Furthermore, the Vice President emphasized the need for instilling Indonesia's noble values in the country's younger generations at an early age so as to produce mentally resilient talents who possess a high level of integrity.

"(Indonesia is expecting) Generations that wield the capacity to prevent and avoid foul and corrupt acts," he said.

He also conveyed his message to the state apparatus, asking them to continue serving the country while upholding integrity.

"In providing the finest services to the people, the state apparatus should adopt the values related to integrity, work ethics, and cooperation, as the basis for behaving," he stressed.

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Translator: Andi F, Tegar Nurfitra
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