Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture stated that COVID-19 handling in Indonesia, which accords priority to mutual cooperation, is a real practice of the Mental Revolution National Movement.

"COVID-19 handling in the country is prioritizing the mutual cooperation system, which is in accordance with the values in the Mental Revolution National Movement," the ministry's Expert Staff for Sustainable Development Agus Suprapto stated when contacted here on Monday.

According to Suprapto, the values in the national movement encompass integrity, work ethics, and mutual cooperation.

Those values are manifested in the COVID-19 handling solidarity movement that involves various parties in the pentahelix collaboration.

"All parties are collaborating to support the government in COVID-19 handling, starting from non-government institutions, businesses, philanthropic (organizations), academicians, communities to mass media," he stated.

To this end, the ministry supports all parties to strengthen the movement of solidarity and generosity in handling COVID-19 and disasters.

"The solidarity and cooperation movement is expected to accelerate COVID-19 handling and the handling of disasters in the country," he noted.

Suprapto stated that his ministry will continue to remind all parties of the importance of mutual cooperation in using national resources collaboratively to help the affected vulnerable communities.

The expert staff noted that the value of solidarity in the Mental Revolution National Movement could be realized in the form of caring, generosity, and mutual cooperation.

Suprapto further said that his ministry encourages an increase in the involvement of the mass media to educate the community and disseminate information regarding the importance of solidarity in COVID-19 handling.

"Thus, it is expected to improve the community's awareness and understanding and strengthen the solidarity movement in COVID-19 handling acceleration," he affirmed.

The solidarity movement in COVID-19 handling acceleration includes the implementation of health protocols, 3T (tracing, testing, treatment) efforts, and vaccination.

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Translator: Wuryanti Puspitasari, Raka Adji
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