The BPBL program is important as electricity is a primary need of the people.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources installed free electrical connections for 131,600 Indonesian households in 2023 through the New Electricity Installation Assistance (BPBL) program.

The ministry’s Director General of Electricity, Jisman P. Hutajulu, stated that the government is committed to developing infrastructures that directly touch the people's lives through the BPBL program.

“The BPBL program aims to assist the free installation of new electrical connections for households that have not yet gotten electricity in many regions of Indonesia,” he noted in a statement received here in Jakarta on Friday.

The BPBL program is part of the government’s efforts to increase the electrification ratio as well as to carry out the state’s role in society, so that the Indonesian people can enjoy access to electricity.

“(We) provide this new installation assistance for households that have not had their kWh meters and have not subscribed with the State Electricity Company (PLN), although a distribution network is available in front of their houses,” Hutajulu stated.

The BPBL program is important as electricity is a primary need of the people, he remarked.

“Throughout 2023, the Directorate General of Electricity has implemented the BPBL program in 131,600 households in the country. The number is 105 percent more than the 2023 target, which was 125 thousand households, and was completed in November 2023,” Hutajulu stated.

In 2022, the BPBL program also exceeded its target. From the targeted 80 thousand households, the realization reached 80,183 households.

In 2024, Hutajulu stated that the government is planning to provide new electricity installation assistance to 80 thousand households not yet having their kWh meters.

“This year, we have (a target of) 80 thousand households, and the number of households we need to finalize is about 200 thousand,” he remarked.

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