Tangerang (ANTARA) - State-run air navigation service provider AirNav Indonesia seeks to efficiently manage flight-related information data digitally, its president director, Polana B. Pramesti, said on Monday.

"AirNav Indonesia's task is to respond to challenges and opportunities in every development of the times. This is done so that users, such as pilots and others, get updated flight data and information more easily and quickly," she stated.

Pramesti made the statement during the Asia–Pacific Workshop on Digital Aeronautical Transformation in Tangerang, Banten.

She said that with the increasing sophistication of technology in aircraft cockpits and the digitization of flight data today, it is necessary for the aviation industry to conduct a transition of flight data and information presented to airlines and pilots from printed to digital form.

This has become increasingly important for AirNav Indonesia in providing various flight data and information, such as flight plans, flight routes, weather conditions, NOTAM (notice to airmen), AHSTAM (volcanic eruption), and other information, she said.

According to Pramesti, AirNav has started the digital transformation of flight data and information since 2020, when it launched Nav-earth and Nav-gate, offering integrated access to flight plans, weather data, NOTAMs, AHSTAMs, pre-flight bulletins, and post-flight reports.

"Hence, there is efficiency, and there is no need to print paper anymore," she remarked.

Aeronautical data and information are collected in a single integrated database, and the processed data, such as flight plan data, weather conditions along the flight route and destination airport, NOTAM and AHSTAM, pre-flight bulletins, and post-flight reports, can all be accessed via both applications.

Pramesti stated that pilots had, until now, only received data in the form of pre-flight bulletin paper printouts and Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) books.

With technological advancements in the aviation industry, the presentation of various data and information can be done in digital form, she said.

She explained that to support digital flight data management, AirNav Indonesia collaborates with CGX Aero and world aviation experts to help aviation industry players learn about various challenges and opportunities in digitizing flight data and the latest technology in the aviation industry.

This workshop is needed by all parties involved in the flight data series, starting from data originators, operators, and users, she said.

"It is because errors in submitting flight data can have fatal consequences. Hopefully, with this initiative, all navigation services and the distribution of flight data in Indonesia will be more optimal," she added.

The workshop was attended by international experts, including those from ICAO, Airbus, ATR, France Aviation Civil Service, Thales, and Delv Airspace, as well as domestic aviation industry players.

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