Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Police (Polri) Public Relations, Inspector General Sandi Nugroho, emphasized that the video related to the Police Chief's partiality in the 2024 election was fake or a hoax.

"That information is not true or a hoax, and the National Police has the information marked as a hoax on social media last week," Nugroho noted in a statement here on Sunday.

Recently, the narration in the hoax video accused Chief of the National Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, of being partial or not neutral during the election.

The video accused the Police chief of giving orders to the regional police chiefs through phone calls and without the secret telegram letter (STR).

The order was to deploy the police's Community Development Division as an instrument to support a certain candidate.

The video also stated that the Chief of Police provided the Police's Public Security and Order Da'is, or people who engage in Dawah, with new handphones, with overseas SIM cards and mobile internet modems, and sought funding assistance from the Business Entity Security Service (BUJP).

Regarding the hoax information, Nugroho appealed to the public to not trust any information circulating on social media without first checking or verifying it.

"People should not be consumed by information that is not clear, and let us not spread information that is not true or hoaxes," he stressed.

He emphasized that the National Police will remain neutral in ensuring safe and peaceful implementation of the 2024 elections.

"The Police Chief has emphasized that the National Police remains neutral in the election implementation. The Polri is tasked with securing the 2024 elections to be safe, peaceful, and respectful," he stated.

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