Jakarta (ANTARA) - A photojournalism exhibition organized by ANTARA News Agency to commemorate National Press Day earlier this month showcased the history of Indonesia's press from the independence to the contemporary era.

ANTARA President Director Akhmad Munir stated on Friday (February 16) that the exhibition is hosted at the Graha Bhakti Antara Building in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, a recently revitalized cultural heritage that has stood for almost a century.

"ANTARA finally got the opportunity to revitalize the building to be ANTARA's head office. We hope it will also mean revitalization of ANTARA's spirit to struggle, as a state-owned media, to work for the interest of the nation and the country," Munir stated while opening the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Chairperson Henry C. H. Bangun commended ANTARA's exhibition, organized with the theme "Press, Democracy, and Development," for showcasing contributions of the Indonesian press to the nation.

"Election moments captured on photos displayed in this exhibition affirmed that Indonesia is indeed the world's fourth-largest democracy," Bangun emphasized.

ANTARA News Agency Art Curator Ismar Patrizki also stated that the exhibition intends to showcase the role played by the press to record and guard the national democracy and development along with its dynamics.

"At least, (this exhibition) can present a greater viewpoint about the role of the press in Indonesia," Patrizki remarked.

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ANTARA News Agency's "Press, Democracy, and Development" photojournalism exhibition is the inaugural exhibition hosted by Graha Bhakti Antara after the completion of its revitalization that started in late 2022.

The building constitutes part of the revitalized ANTARA Heritage Centre that will serve as the news agency's head office that can cater to the needs of journalism in the contemporary era.

The exhibition displays 56 works by ANTARA News Agency photojournalists and archive photos from former photojournalism agency IPPHOS, the National Archives of Indonesia, the National Library of Indonesia, and KITLV Leiden until March 16, 2024.

Apart from being held at the ANTARA Heritage Centre, the exhibition also takes place at the Putri Duyung Cottage Hotel in the Ancol Dreamland recreation park, North Jakarta, until February 20, 2024.

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Translator: Putri Hanifa, Nabil Ihsan
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