Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Ship Hospital Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat-992 completed its humanitarian mission in Egypt on Friday (February 16) and is preparing to sail back to Indonesia on Saturday.

The Indonesian Navy Information Service stated in its official broadcast on Friday that Indonesian Navy soldiers, who were part of the mission to deliver aid to Egypt for the Palestinian people in Gaza, had completed unloading all aid packages weighing 242 tons at the El Arish Port.

The unloading process took four days since the ship had docked at El Arish Port on Tuesday (February 13). The aid was then grouped according to its category and repackaged to be transported by trucks from the Egyptian Red Crescent to the Rafah border in Gaza.

El Arish in Sinai is an area in Egypt directly adjacent to the Rafah border. The city is a center for collecting humanitarian aid from abroad, including Indonesia, for Gaza's Palestinian people currently reeling from the impacts of the Israeli aggression.

Apart from the port, the humanitarian aid from abroad was also collected at El Arish Airport.

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The Indonesian Navy soldiers, who are members of the 2024 Port Visit Egypt Task Force, are scheduled to leave for Indonesia this Saturday. On their return voyage, they are also scheduled to stop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Soldiers and personnel, who are Muslims, will be given the opportunity to perform Umrah in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The ship sailed from Jakarta on January 18, 2024, bringing 242 tons of aid comprising 532 sacks of Pampers, 600 sacks of children's clothing, 700 sacks and 500 boxes of adult clothing, 800 cartons of milk, 650 boxes of biscuits, 1,254 gallons of mineral water, 1,700 boxes of mineral water, 460 boxes of medicines, 450 sacks of blankets, 450 sacks of jackets, and 470 boxes of instant noodles.

The ship carries 214 crew members, with 40 of them from the Indonesian Navy special forces. Sending aid to Egypt was also the first mission of KRI dr. Radjiman to cross the ocean and set sail from the Indonesian waters.

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