Makassar, South Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The National Library's (Perpusnas') Deputy for Library Resource Development, Adin Bondar, emphasized that the concept of strengthening family literacy through digital-based reading is fundamental.

"Strengthening digital literacy in every family in Indonesia is the government's effort to strengthen the intelligence and character of Indonesian children," Bondar remarked during his visit to Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Monday.

He noted that digital-based learning to boost family literacy should be unwaveringly encouraged so as to curtail unproductive digital behavior and eliminate the negative impacts of digitalization.

Speaking in connection with this, Bondar remarked that Perpusnas praised the Family and Reading Culture Promotion Towards the Golden Generation 2045 activity held in Makassar City.

The event presented literacy figure Bachtiar Adnan Kusuma and South Sulawesi librarian Syamsul Arief.

He affirmed that family literacy learning should now be based on digital mobile technology that is developing along with the times.

"Every citizen will receive a broadcast message notification, a new innovation to welcome the demographic bonus towards Golden Indonesia 2045," Bondar stated.

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He is also upbeat that literacy activists and reading culture promotors in Indonesia will continue to maintain the spirit of educating the nation's children and strengthening synergy and collaboration.

"We need to strengthen literacy activists throughout Indonesia through the Indonesian Literacy Academy," he remarked.

Meanwhile, literacy figure Bachtiar Kusuma vouched to strive to revive the glory of reading in Indonesia.

He believes that a strong reading culture can be developed if it starts in every family. He said that family is the main environment for the growth of reading and writing skills.

"Indonesia can become a big nation, strong in reading, with the key being we need families who like to read," he stated.

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Translator: Suriani M, Kenzu
Editor: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
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