Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's National Alms Agency (Baznas) collaborated with the Egyptian philanthropic institution, Mishr Al-Kheir, to send another batch of humanitarian aid aboard 14 container trucks to Palestine through Egypt's Rafah border.

The humanitarian team, led by Baznas' Deputy Chair Mo Mahdum also participated in the humanitarian aid send-off at the Mishr Al-Kheir Warehouse, New Cairo, Egypt.

"The aid sent today is a real action by the Indonesian people in helping Palestine. Previously, we have sent 16 container trucks of aid, specifically in collaboration with Mishr Al-Kheir at the end of December 2023," Mahdum noted in his statement on Tuesday.

He revealed that the aid comprised Egyptian food kushari, biscuits, and other food items. Moreover, his side continues to send other aid to Palestine.

Mahdum affirmed that Baznas has collaborated with three leading philanthropic institutions in Egypt.

"In the near future, Baznas will also collaborate with Sunnatul Hayah and Food Bank," he explained.

He highlighted that the collaboration with philanthropic institutions in Egypt aimed to facilitate the distribution of aid to the Palestinian people to be more effective and efficient.

Meanwhile, Director of Communications of Mishr Al-Kheir Dr Thariq Hasan Muhammad stated that humanitarian assistance from the Indonesian people through Baznas holds high significance for the Palestinian people.

He stated that the prioritized humanitarian aid delivery for Palestine is for food, health, and emergency items.

"We express our gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Egypt, Baznas Indonesia, other Indonesian philanthropic institutions, and to the Indonesian people," he remarked.

Before sending the container trucks, the agency had also sent aid for Palestine in the form of money worth Rp12 billion (US$767 thousand) channeled through the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and Baznas' network in Egypt and Jordan.

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