• SANOIN clinical study supported by P&G Health demonstrates efficacy of iron supplementation (ferrous gluconate + multivitamin & minerals) in improving Hb levels & Quality of life with demonstrated symptom relief
  • With 1 in 4 people suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia in Southeast Asia, findings highlight impactful role of Iron Supplementation in treatment protocols
Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Anemia continues to be a public health issue around the world, with some of the highest prevalence rates in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it is a health risk that disproportionately affects some of our most vulnerable segments of society – women and children. Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is the most prevalent type of Anemia, impacting up to 1 in 4 people in some countries across Southeast Asia with symptoms such as tiredness, dizziness and headaches affecting their quality of life and productivity.

Findings of the new SANOIN clinical study, supported by P&G Health (the healthcare division of P&G) and conducted by leading healthcare experts, demonstrated the efficacy of iron supplementation with Sangobion (ferrous gluconate + multivitamin & minerals) in improving Hemoglobin (Hb) levels & quality of life (QOL) with demonstrated symptom relief. SANOIN clinical study findings showed significant rise in Hb levels in 14 days, symptom relief in 30 days & improved QOL in women with Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Dr. Narcisa Sonia Comia, Hematologist (Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, Philippines) and Principal Investigator for SANOIN shared, "We conducted the SANOIN Clinical Non-Interventional Study with 97 women aged 15-55 years suffering from mild to moderate IDA across 6 hospitals in Philippines. Patients were administered Sangobion (ferrous gluconate plus multivitamin & minerals) over a 90-day period. We observed rapid Hemoglobin increase by 1.0 g/dL in 14 days which continued increasing by Day 90. Further, a 3.7x increase was observed in Serum ferritin levels which indicate the amount of iron stores in the body. Symptoms such as tiredness, dizziness and headache reduced significantly in as early as 30 days, with patients reporting an overall improvement in quality of life."

According to Dr. Christopher J. L. Soriano, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Ateneo de Manila University School of Medicine and Public Health, Philippines) and Co-Principal Investigator for SANOIN, "Estimates show that Indonesia has an iron deficiency anemia prevalence of 25-30%, while in the Philippines, IDA affects 1 in 4 pregnant women. In Malaysia, an estimated 31.6-34.6% of pregnant women are suffering from IDA. We are encouraged by the SANOIN clinical study results which highlight the role and impact of Iron Supplementation in treatment protocols and provides a safe and effective option for Filipino women to improve health outcomes to better care for themselves, their children and family. We look forward to sharing the findings of the study with healthcare practitioners from across South-East Asia and be deliberate on approaches to combat the growing burden of the disease."

Ian Barton, Senior Director, R&D Medical & Technical Affairs – P&G Health (Asia Pacific, India, Middle East & Africa) stated "P&G Health has been working on improving awareness and diagnoses of Iron Deficiency Anemia across Southeast Asia in collaboration with healthcare practitioners and associations. The New SANOIN Clinical study is another step in our commitment to support the fight against IDA. Through real-world evidence and clinical insights, the SANOIN clinical study highlights the role of iron supplementation in improving treatment outcomes and empowering consumers to live healthier and more vibrant lives. We would like to thank our esteemed panel of investigators and the women who participated in SANOIN. We are grateful to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) for including the SANOIN study findings in their recently published Pharmacists Handbook on managing IDA."

Disclaimer: Indications of Sangobion may differ in different countries, please check with your local healthcare professionals for more information.

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SANOIN (Sangobion®Iron+ Non-Interventional Study to Evaluate Changes in Hemoglobin Status in Subjects with Mild to Moderate Iron Deficiency Anemia) is an open-label, single arm observational study supported by P&G Health.

For more information, click here https://www.walshmedicalmedia.com/open-access/management-of-iron-deficiency-anemia-with-fixed-dose-combination-of-ferrous-gluconate-multivitamins-and-multimineral-capsule-a-12--123937.html

For FIP Pharmacists Handbook on managing Iron Deficiency Anemia, click here handbook


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