Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Manpower Minister, Ida Fauziyah, met with Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, in Berlin on Friday to discuss the development of labor cooperation between Indonesia and Germany.

According to a statement from her ministry, Fauziyah said that Indonesia and Germany have so far established cooperation in vocational education and training.

She expressed her hope that the German government will continue to support and improve vocational training in Indonesia.

"I hope that our working visit to Germany this time can strengthen diplomacy in the field of labor between the governments of Indonesia and Germany," she said after the meeting.

So far, the German government has provided support for the revitalization of vocational education and training in Indonesia.

"The German government's support and assistance in the field of employment consists of the construction of vocational training buildings, the vocational training system and program development, and assistance in accreditation systems and training equipment," she said.

The Bandung Vocational and Productivity Training Center (BBPVP) building was constructed with the help of German assistance via the GIZ program for labor sector development in Indonesia, Fauziyah said.

Germany also helped Indonesia with the Dual Vocational Training System program, which provided a combination of on-the-job training and theoretical education at vocational schools, as well as the Meister qualification program.

Indonesia and Germany seem to share a similar focus when it comes to developing vocational education and training, Fauziyah said.

She also held a meeting with Deputy Minister of the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Lilian Tschan, to discuss the placement of Indonesian nurses in Germany.

Fauziyah said that there is potential to develop the placement program so that it can provide greater opportunities to Indonesian migrant workers.

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