Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) is poised to assume its role as the special regional authority for Indonesia's new capital city, Nusantara, later this year, according to OIKN head Bambang Susantono.

"This year, Nusantara will start functioning as the government's special region," he said at a national coordination meeting on the new capital in Jakarta.

With the transition, he said, the OIKN will become the government of Nusantara city and discharge the complete administrative functions of a special region.

"We expect support from government ministries, agencies, and regional authorities to work together with us at the OIKN through strong synergy and collaboration," Susantono added.

The OIKN and regional authorities should combine their expertise, resources, and experience in regional administration to develop holistic and sustainable solutions for Nusantara city's day-to-day regional administration, he said.

"We hope that we can together realize Nusantara city as the source of Indonesia's transformation and a concrete model of harmony, congeniality, and balance between economic development, environmental sustainability, and social justice," he added.

The Nusantara Capital Authority is convinced that by addressing challenges through collaboration, the ultimate mission of making Nusantara a world-class city for all would be realized, he said.

According to the Appendix of the Law on National Capital, the organization of Nusantara's regional governance with its administrative function is the next step in the new capital's development.

The aspects that will be handled by the new capital's regional government will include public services to residents and regional policies.

This move strengthens the Nusantara Capital Authority's position as the governing body of Nusantara, a special region established under Article 18B, Paragraph (1), of the Indonesian Constitution.

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Translator: Aji Cakti, Nabil Ihsan
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