Jakarta (ANTARA) - East Kalimantan's North Penajam Paser district's Paser Customary Institution (LAP) has urged the traditional community to unite in support of the development of the new capital city, Nusantara, and not be provoked by splinter parties in agrarian conflict resolution.

In a written statement on Saturday, LAP representative Eko Supriyadi said that his side has been compelled to make its stance on the development clear to prevent further division among the people.

"We support the development of the new capital, but we will continue to point out any shortcomings to the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) regarding the rights of residents, either the customary community or other local groups, affected by the new capital development,” he added.

He emphasized that the customary community has not been affected by an OIKN ultimatum for locals to leave areas located within the development site in seven days.

The ultimatum, he said, is directed at local residents and has nothing to do with the traditional community.

Supriyadi criticized some parties claiming to represent the customary institution who tried to obstruct the new capital’s development by exploiting the agrarian issue and playing on the customary community’s sentiments.

He stated that they are detrimental to the integrity, sovereignty, and control of LAP over their narratives and struggles.

He added that these parties also have malicious intent, driven by political or financial gain.

Supriyadi noted that the issue was discussed during the recently concluded Paser Customary Institution leadership meeting on March 16.

During the meeting, he highlighted that LAP also agreed to urge regional authorities to issue a regional regulation to recognize and protect customary community rights.

The institution believes that greater attention to the issue would allow the customary community to voice their concern better, Supriyadi said.

The central government and the OIKN should also be attentive to concerns from the traditional community to ensure balanced and sustainable development in the new capital, the representative added.

“We also urge for a consensus and direct dissemination approach in resolving agrarian conflict between the customary and local communities with the government free from intervention from other parties,” he said.

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Reporter: Nabil Ihsan
Editor: Anton Santoso
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