Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Alms Agency (Baznas), in collaboration with Palestinian institution Althouri Women's Center (AWC), is distributing Rp2 billion (US$126,000) of food and water aid for Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza, during the Ramadan holy month.

In a statement received from his office here on Saturday, Head of Baznas Noor Achmad expressed relief and gratitude for the distribution of the assistance that comprises ready-to-eat meals.

"Praise to God, food and water aid from Baznas can arrive in the hands of the people of Rafah, Gaza. Hopefully, the assistance will help the local Muslims during this year's Ramadan fasting month," he remarked.

Achmad also extended appreciation to AWC for its collaboration to facilitate the delivery of food and water aid to displaced Palestinian people in Rafah City.

He then praised the donors for allocating their assets for the sake of assisting Palestinians during the trying time under the siege of Israeli occupation forces.

"We would like to thank the donors who have allocated their assets to help Palestinians in need," he stated.

He further underlined that the alms agency is distributing the aid collected from Indonesian people while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and Islamic law as well as the security of Indonesia.

"This humanitarian act is in line with the mission of Baznas to reach a broader population and bring about positive impacts to their lives," he added.

The official also expressed hope that all parties involved in the distribution of the aid would be blessed by the Almighty God.

"May the Almighty God bless the donors and all parties involved in ensuring smooth distribution of the aid with the rewards they deserve," he remarked.

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