Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has said that transactions at public electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLUs) during the 2024 Eid al-Fitr homecoming exodus have climbed fivefold compared to the same period in 2023.

The number of transactions has jumped from 906 in 2023 to exceed 4,500 in 2024.

"For the category of SPKLU in rest areas, the highest number of transactions has been recorded at the SPKLU at the Kilometer 57A Rest Area, namely 1,323 kWh," head of the ministry's communications, public information services, and cooperation bureau, Agus Cahyono Adi, said here on Tuesday.

He added that, among non-rest area SPKLUs, the Greater Jakarta UID SPKLU has recorded the highest volume of transactions at 4,632 kWh.

According to Adi, the Ministry of Transportation has predicted that the use of EVs would increase during the 2024 exodus period, with their number projected to reach 4 thousand.

As of Sunday (April 7, 2024), 2,500 EV users are recorded to have made exodus trips, and their number is expected to continue to increase.

President director of state-owned electricity company PT PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo, said that as of Sunday, SPKLU transactions have risen significantly.

As per PLN's records, the number of transactions during this year's exodus period has crossed 4,500. Meanwhile, power consumption has increased to 92.4 MW, a significant increase from 17 MW in 2023.

"Those who need emergency charging support or other help regarding SPKLU can contact the SPKLU hotline on the PLN mobile application," Prasodjo informed.

He further said that PLN is also operating three mobile SPKLUs on the Jakarta-Cileunyi toll road and the Central Java-East Java toll road.

Earlier, PLN and its partners built 175 additional SPKLUs along the Trans Sumatra-Java toll road.

The total number of SPKLUs in Indonesia has reached 1,299. They are spread over 879 locations.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Transportation, 193.6 million people are expected to join the homecoming exodus to celebrate Eid al-Fitr this year, which will fall on April 10.

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Translator: Putu Indah, Raka Adji
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