Bakauheni, Lampung (ANTARA) - State-owned ferry operator, PT ASDP, estimates that the peak of the Eid homecoming return flow at Bakauheni Port, Lampung, will occur on April 13-14, 2024.

"It is estimated that the peak will occur on Saturday and Sunday. However, we are still monitoring the development," PT ASDP's Secretary, Shelvy Arifin, stated on Saturday.

Her side recorded that the homecoming return flow at Bakauheni Port began to increase on April 12, with a total of 41,756 passengers within 12 hours of crossing to Merak Port.

She remarked that the number of passengers began to increase as compared to 41,280 passengers crossing to Merak Port the day before.

The number of two-wheeled vehicles that crossed through Bakahueni Port on Friday (April 12), reached 5,872 units, an increase from 3,0421 units on the previous day. Meanwhile, there were 8,899 four-wheeled vehicles as compared to 5,371 units on the previous day.

"However, we heard about the possibility of extending the collective leave. We are still waiting for the decision. If the government extends the collective leave, then maybe, the flow of passengers could be divided," she remarked.

In serving the return flow of passengers and vehicles from Sumatra to Java via Bakauheni Port to Merak Port and Panjang Port to Ciwandan Port, ASDP provides 66 ships.

Arifin also reminded prospective passengers to arrive at the port according to the departure time scheduled on the ticket to prevent amassing of passengers or vehicles at the port.

ASDP has implemented a policy of eliminating ticket validity periods for the first 24 hours during the period of April 11-21, 2024, or during the Eid homecoming return flow, she stated.

Hence, prospective ship passengers do not need to worry about the validity period of their tickets, and they do not have to arrive early at the port that could trigger crowding of people or vehicular congestion at the port.

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