This outlet is to help achieve equality among the aid beneficiaries…
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini launched the Nusantara Economic Heroes (Pena) Program Outlet on Tangkuban Perahu Street Number 30, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java.

A ministry press release received here on Friday informed that the Pena Program outlet in the Lembang area will not only sell local products, but also craft items made by Pena family beneficiaries (KPM) across Indonesia.

The program beneficiaries are being assisted by 17 social centers and three ministry-run training centers nationwide.

"This outlet is to help achieve equality among the aid beneficiaries without looking at their conditions," the minister said.

She then praised the KPM for being creative and producing quality products. She expressed the hope that through the outlet, Pena products will become popular and on-demand, which would help increase Pena participants' income.

"This space is provided for free for the poor Pena participants, including disabled Pena members, so they can be at the same level with other people," she said.

The launch of the Pena outlet in Lembang is part of an integrated approach under the program, which aims to tackle poverty.

Under the program, KPMs not only get production tools and raw materials, but also training and mentoring related to production, packaging, promotion, and access to direct and online marketing.

The newly launched outlet will not only sell craft products like batik, but also snacks and full meals.

"The Pena program is expected to help them increase their income and welfare, in the end, they are expected to leave behind social aid and poverty," she said.

As of March 2024, the ministry has helped pull 21,333 Pena participants out of poverty across the country.

Rismaharini said that it is not easy to increase poor people's income because they usually only receive social assistance.

"The most important thing is to change their mindset from receiving social aid to (pursuing) entrepreneurship and being independent," she added.

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