Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) stated that Indonesia needs breakthroughs in the fulfillment of access to drinking water and sanitation.

BRIN Limnology and Water Resources Research Center researcher Ignasius Sutapa stated here on Tuesday that the fulfillment of access to drinking water and sanitation is still limited in Java Island, while that in remote areas of Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Papua, is still very low.

"Some drinking water regional companies (PDAMs) can only supply no more than 10 percent of the population, so breakthroughs are needed," he remarked.

Sutapa stated that the fulfillment of access to drinking water and sanitation aims to realize equitable access to water as what is stipulated in the sixth point of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He noted that discussions on water never cease, as all life on earth needs water.

In fact, astronomers who conduct space exploration always strive to find the existence of water first in every search for traces of life on other planets.

"Water is a basic right that must be fulfilled by every country. The United Nations (UN) sets a basic right of 60 liters of water per person per day," he stated.

Furthermore, he said that BRIN has created various innovations to contribute to the country in meeting the drinking water and sanitation needs of the community.

One of the innovations is a peat water treatment plant. Peat water that has high acidity and natural dye can be processed into clean drinking water, he explained.

He expressed hope that the 10th World Water Forum being held in Bali would drive the government's commitment to accelerating the fulfillment of basic rights to water.

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